If I’m Planning a Move in the Future, When Should I Reach Out to a Real Estate Agent?

Sellers today have access to endless data and information, making it easier than ever before when it comes to beginning to plan their next move.

If a move is in your future and you do not have a pressing deadline, it is wise to get a jump start on your planning. This advanced planning can potentially help you correctly time the market, reduce stress, and maximize profit.

But how far in advance should you start to plan?

If you Google this question you will see all sorts of articles and advice. However, this well-meaning advice may not fit your situation. There are many important factors to consider:

• The seasonality of your market – when is the best time of year to sell in your area?
• Best timing for you family – for example, the end of the school year?
• How much time do you need to allow for the work you want to do in order to prepare the home for sale?

Each homeowner’s situation is unique and often the best step is to consult with an experienced real estate professional early in the planning. While you may not yet be ready to list the home for sale, a quality real estate agent would be delighted to spend time with you in advance to help create an appropriate sales strategy and customized marketing proposal.

This type of professional consult may help you dial in the details of your move. An agent can also help you avoid spending money on items to prep the home for sale by advising you on changes that are not valuable or necessary. This consult can even help you or connect you to the help you need to shop your next destination.