Are the holidays a good time to Buy a Home?

As we all know the end of year holiday season is approaching quickly and leaving many buyers wondering… Is it a good time to buy?  The answer is yes.  As many people are celebrating and hosting holiday parties, events and spending time with out of town guest, there are those home owners who do need to sell right away before end of year due to relocation, tax purpose, etc.

Buying a house during the holiday seasons

As a buyer this can be a great time to purchase a home.  During the holiday season there are less people out looking at homes so that is less competition to deal with.   Also sellers who are looking to sell during the holidays are serious sellers who are looking to sell right away.  This can be a great chance to buy the home of your dreams without the hassles of competing with other buyers.

So if you have been on the fence about buying now or later after the holidays you might want to rethink it and start to look now.  You might be passing up some really good housing opportunities by waiting for the new year housing market to increase.  Keep in mind as the housing market inventory increases come spring so does the amount of buyers who will be out looking at the same properties you will be.  So think now, look now, buy now and relax later when everyone else is out looking at homes.

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