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Sept. 9, 2021

We Buy Homes Cash As-Is!


"Have you been thinking about selling your home but just not sure about all the home repairs or some of the inspections you will be going through, and just don't want to be dealing with people coming in and out of your home.  Well I'm here to let you know we are buying homes right now all cash, on your time frame, as-is in any city and location.  So if you been thinking about it or just want a hassle free sale, give me a call or click on the link below.  Like I said, we are buying homes as-is in its present condition all cash, close on your time frame.  Were making it as easy as possible for you so give us a call or click on the link below.  Hopefully you are having a great day and I look forward to hearing from you."

Paying Cash for Homes

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June 30, 2021

Add “Green” To Your Home’s Value

How to increase your homes valueMany home buyers are looking for and recognize the long term value of environmentally friendly homes.

Here are some easier ways to add “green” value to your home.

  • Buy Energy Star rated appliances & lighting
  • Add a recycling center to your kitchen, mudroom or garage
  • Use low-maintenance recycled products for your next project such as a deck
  • Consider more sustainable flooring options such as bamboo or cork
  • Improve your insulation and replace or repair older windows and doors
  • Plant more trees for cooling shade and curb appeal
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Oct. 19, 2019

How to check your home for air leaks!

Home air condition leaks how to checkWe’re well into the fall season and winter is right around the corner. This is the time of year when it’s especially important to make sure your home is properly sealed. Air leaks can make it difficult to keep your home properly heated and can lead to high utility bills. Here’s quick guide to checking your home for air leaks.

Do an air pressure test. You can quickly check for air leaks with a simple test using household items. Seal your home by completely closing all doors, windows, and vents and turning off exhaust fans. Then pass a burning incense stick along the edges of all doors, windows, and other openings to the outside. If the smoke is forced into or away from an opening, you’ve found a leak.

Inspect doors and windows. To check for leaks near your windows, attempt to rattle the frame. This will reveal whether there are gaps along the edges. Also check for cracks in the frame, loose screws in locks, or gaps anywhere in the window.

Door hinges and thresholds are common places for air leaks. Deteriorated weather stripping can also lead to leaks and the door itself can develop cracks that allow air to pass through.

Skylights are a little trickier to test and examine, but you can still do it yourself. Check for water stains near your skylights, which is a dead giveaway of a leak. If you suspect there is one, you’ll have to get on the roof for a closer inspection. Look for loose shingles, cracked roofing cement, and debris.

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March 8, 2019

Water Damage

Your Home’s Biggest Enemy?

Water damage to a home can be one of the costliest of all repairs. It can cause mold, rot, and substantial damage to your foundation.

If you see signs of water damage, no matter how small it appears, consult a local contractor or other professional to determine what needs to be done to repair the damage and stop it from reoccurring.

Buyers are reluctant to buy homes with water damage, soil erosion, or foundation issues, so it’s best to be proactive to keep your home in shape now in order to avoid costly repairs and loss of property value.

If you need a referral for reliable local vendors, please feel free to Contact Me and I will be happy to help you!

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Feb. 11, 2019

How to Downsize

Is It Time To Enlarge Your Life Style By Moving To Smaller Residence In An Exciting Location?

How to downsize and save on your homeFor today’s Baby Boomer homeowners, quality of life, cultural experiences, and even a room with a view are often must haves on their list of needs and wants in their next home.

If you are considering a move and downsizing appeals to you, there are many things to consider as this move may constitute a major change in your lifestyle.

Downsizing today is hardly what it was in years past.

There are so many urban chic destinations, or maybe relaxing rural options that might appeal to you. And if you like variety, you might even be considering two smaller and less expensive homes in separate cities or states, two places with completely different climates and recreational activities.

As you map out your potential plans to downsize, you will likely have many questions and many emotional decisions to make. Some advanced research and time spent in your potential new location(s) can be a great way to try it out. It’s also necessary to examine all of the financial ramifications of this type of move.

Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Are you looking to reduce your monthly obligations and maintenance
  • Will you have capital gains ramifications?
  • How will the move impact your property taxes?
  • What repairs, staging, and moving costs will you face on your current home?
  • To have the best negotiating power is it best to sell first and then buy?

For a completely free and efficient downsize Request Our Free Seller Downsize Guide and a free consultation.  Our meeting could be the first step to your new future!

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Dec. 11, 2018

Thinking of Moving

If I’m Planning a Move in the Future, When Should I Reach Out to a Real Estate Agent?

Thinking of movingSellers today have access to endless data and information, making it easier than ever before when it comes to beginning to plan their next move.

If a move is in your future and you do not have a pressing deadline, it is wise to get a jump start on your planning. This advanced planning can potentially help you correctly time the market, reduce stress, and maximize profit.

But how far in advance should you start to plan?

If you Google this question you will see all sorts of articles and advice. However, this well-meaning advice may not fit your situation. There are many important factors to consider:

  • The seasonality of your market – when is the best time of year to sell in your area?
  • Best timing for you family – for example, the end of the school year?
  • How much time do you need to allow for the work you want to do in order to prepare the home for sale?

Each homeowner’s situation is unique and often the best step is to consult with an experienced real estate professional early in the planning. While you may not yet be ready to list the home for sale, a quality real estate agent would be delighted to spend time with you in advance to help create an appropriate sales strategy and customized marketing proposal.

This type of professional consult may help you dial in the details of your move. An agent can also help you avoid spending money on items to prep the home for sale by advising you on changes that are not valuable or necessary. This consult can even help you or connect you to the help you need to shop your next destination.

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July 31, 2017

Curious About Local Real Estate?

Receive the Latest Local Market Stats

Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and so much more. We’d love to invite you to do the same!

Get Local Market Reports Sent Directly to You

You can sign up here to receive your own market report, delivered as often as you like! It contains current information on pending, active and just sold properties so you can see actual homes in your neighborhood. You can review your area on a larger scale, as well, by refining your search to include properties across the city or county. As you notice price and size trends, please contact us for clarification or to have any questions answered.

We can definitely fill you in on details that are not listed on the report and help you determine the best home for you. If you are wondering if now is the time to sell, please try out our INSTANT home value tool. You’ll get an estimate on the value of your property in today’s market. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon as you get to know our neighborhoods and local real estate market better.

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